A "Nothing Burger"

Omnibus hearing held in Glenwood on June 25


Image credit to Lakeland Broadcasting of Willmar and JP Cola, news reporter with KWLM news.

A great big Nothing Burger was the outcome of an omnibus hearing in Eighth Judicial District Court in Glenwood on Tuesday, June 25 in the case of Jana Zenner vs. Pope County and the State of Minnesota in a Theft by Swindle felony case dating back to April.

As more information is released, the Bonanza Valley Voice will update this web story. As of press time on Tuesday, June 25, the Pope County Attorney's office has not returned calls by the Pope County Tribune newspaper.

Click here to see what was posted at the Lakeland Broadcasting (Willmar) website on Tuesday morning, June 25 (short link): https://bit.ly/2X5Q9Kp. This web article outlines the county and state's case against Zenner in which she is accused of stealing at least $48,000 from an adult victim in an eight-week period between January 14, 2019 and April 3, 2019.

*Update: early Wednesday morning, the Pope County Attorney's office had replied to the Tribune's request for additional information about the theft by swindle case. The update says that nothing substantial has transpired in the case, and this came as no surprise based on how cases like these play out. The next step is what is called a contested omnibus hearing where the defense may challenge the state's evidence against the defendant.

*Update on Thursday afternoon: the next court hearing date in this case is Tuesday, July 30, 2019 back in Glenwood. Further information will be published as it is gathered.


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