Monkeypox: the real story (VIDEO)


A microscopic view of the monkeypox virus.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: this video and web article includes graphic information as it relates to the human anatomy.

(HD VIDEO) Roger Seheult, MD of MedCram examines the monkeypox mutation mechanism.

The 11-minute long video embedded here explains the full back story of monkeypox. Roger Seheult, M.D. of MedCram examines the monkeypox mutation mechanism during the heart of this video. He explains that the 2022 cases reported in Israel, Singapore and the United Kingdom trace back to men who report genital lesions after gathering in conjugal fashion with other men.

In the Congo Basin, outbreaks of monkeypox with a higher infection fatality rate (IFR) has led to a reported 58 deaths in 2022 out of 1,200 cases.

Dr. Seheult, M.D., includes information that the main stream media, for some unexplained reason, will not share.


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