Affordable summer camps!

Minnesota Farmers Union is offering multiple affordable summer camp opportunities open to everyone, regardless of a family's current or past farming background.

MFU Education Director Glen Schmidt said, "Our Minnesota Farmers Union summer camps are all about helping young people become good citizens by planting the seeds of responsibility, leadership and cooperation in an environment where those qualities can grow in a fun, safe atmosphere."

Camp dates are as follows:

• June 18-22, elementary camp (ages 8-11) at Erskine - $110

• June 25-29, junior high camp (ages 11-14) at Erskine - $135

• July 17-21, elementary camp (ages 8-11) at New London - $110

• July 23-27, junior high camp (ages 11-14) at New London - $135

• July 29-August 3, Senior camp (ages 14-18) at New London - $135

To register or learn more, contact Glen Schmidt, MFU Education Director, at 1-800-969-3380 or 651-288-4066. You can register online and learn more at

. The reasonable camp rates are made possible through generous financial support from Central Harvest States (CHS) and the Minnesota Farmers Union Foundations.


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