Opinion: stealing is wrong

Blast from the past: publisher's column from June 27, 2019

Lately operating a business in Brooten has become challenging on multiple fronts. If I explained everything I'm thinking right now, I'd probably lose half of my subscribers because of how offended they would be. So let's just say I am gonna keep certain things to myself.

As far as other events, well, I am certainly not going to be quiet about them. And what I have to say probably will offend a large portion of my readers. Oh, well.

"If you can't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

It's been extremely difficult to run my newspaper operation lately while worrying and wondering about the affect of having white collar criminals on the loose..that in addition to recent thefts mentioned at the city council meeting. It is all disturbing on so many levels. At times I wonder if our local judicial system is up to par or not or just not equipped to get the job done!

Along the same lines...whatever happened to the old-fashioned idea that "if it's not yours, you can't have it!" And "If you really want it, you have to ask for it!"

In terms of the missing Brooten Commercial Club funds, I absolutely do not recall anyone asking at a meeting if they can take tens of thousands of dollars from the gambling operation. Did I miss something? Seriously? For now we continue soldiering on, trying to move forward...


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