End the lock downs

Letter to the editor

Since no one has ended the governor's unlawful lockdown, if the Dems start finding news articles like what was posted through Reuters at MSN-Dot-Com on June 11, we can expect the lockdown to continue: "U.S. could reach 200,000 coronavirus deaths in September, expert says"

And the US death count very well could reach 200k because 70-90% of deaths in areas across the country have been in eldercare facilities and VERY short-sighted, and even ignorant leaders still have not locked down those facilities and required testing for anyone who wants to get into them. In places where those protections have been put in place they are not following up to confirm.The definition of "strict social distancing" in this article is locking down. This article like countless others implies again that everyone is at the same risk for the virus and everyone could die from it when most are faced with a 0.05% mortality rate.

Get this lock down ended so the state is forced to focus on protecting the elderly before they've all died!

Terry Larson, Alexandria MN


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