B-B-E FFA Floriculture team competes at Alexandria

The Floriculture team also competed and used the contest as a building block for the future. Teams had to identify quite a number of greenhouse, garden, and houseplants, take a written knowledge based test, place two classes of saleable plants, and set up a bud vase with a saleable display.

Team results were: 1st Hancock – 2014 pts, 2nd Battle Lake – 1948 pts, 3rd Parkers Prairie – 1927 pts, 4th Morris Area – 1824 pts, 5th B-B-E – 1428 pts, and 6th West Central Area – 363 pts.

Local participants were Morgan Meyer, daughter of Mark and Lisa; Morgan Gronli, daughter of Mark and Kristi; Sarah Schmitz, daughter of Dennis and Sandy; and Aly Riggs, daughter of Darren and Heather.


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