Minnesota Farmers Union hosts Focus on the Future Retreat

Minnesota Farmers Union (MFU) prepares to host its fourth semi-annual leadership retreat, Focus on the Future, June 12-14th in Breezy Point, MN. The leadership retreat is focused on young family farmers and the successful future of farming in rural communities of Minnesota.

"Our Focus on the Future retreat has been very successful and has brought together young and new farmers with experienced and established farmers to help build connections while attending educational break-out sessions throughout the retreat" said MFU President, Doug Peterson. "We focus on successful farming and helping to establish the tools that young and new farmers need in a time where farming is vulnerable to commodity and input prices. The need for farmers is evident by the rising rate of communities with food insecurities, and climate change being at the top of the lists of concerns in many communities. Farmers are the link to changes in all of these areas and we work hard to educate the next generation of family farmers on how to be successful and do their part in the change."

This year's Focus on the Future retreat will have break-out sessions focusing on leadership, media and legislative actions. Special guests include leading insurance and sales motivational speaker, Frank Whittcomb, Media specialists Paula Mohr, Joe Gill and Randy Olson.

MDA Assistant Commissioner Andrea Vaubel, FSA Sibley County Executive Director Daniel Mahoney, Representative Rick Nolan. Portions of the program will also be led by leaders within the MFU organization itself.

There is a special focus on the strong history of Minnesota Farmers Union as a farm organization advocating for family farmers and the future of Minnesota Farmers Union with family farmers around the state.


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