Land Stewardship summer field days, workshops

The summer field day/workshop season is upon us. LSP is sponsoring and co-sponsoring several exciting events during the coming months. Topics ranging from vegetable production and livestock grazing to soil health and value-added agriculture are on tap:

• June 19 - conservation drainage, Swift County - Bosch Farms, RSVP to Robin Moore (click here =


• Late June/early July - vegetable farm tour, Rochester, contact Dori Eder 612-578-4497;

• July 10 - cover crops in western Minnesota (Benson) - for more information, click here:;

• July 19 - tillage and soil health (Benson) - for more information, click here:;

• August 7 - integrating livestock options (Kerkhoven) - for more information, click here:

Other events heading into fall include a Grazing Systems & Cover Crops day in rural Starbuck on August 30 and more. Contact Land Stewardship Project to inquire about membership and other activities! Click:


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