Gambling license termination

Termination process underway

The charitable gambling license (No. 03575) held by the Brooten Commercial Club is in the process of being terminated. Steps to that end began in January 2019 following an audit by the Minnesota Gambling Control Board. On February 14, the Minnesota Department of Revenue released a report outlining a total of $48,000.76 in taxes and fines due by April 15.

On the positive side, the Brooten Commercial Club will continue to operate without the gambling operation. Its charter as a non-profit organization has never been in jeopardy, as that is an Internal Revenue Service designation through the federal government. The issues stemming from the Gambling Control Board audit are tied exclusively to the charitable gambling operations of the Brooten Commercial Club over the past three-plus years. These issues have been investigated by and will continue to be investigated by the Gambling Control Board, the Minnesota Department of Revenue and the Department of Public Safety's Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement division.

Stay tuned to the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper for more information in the upcoming April 11 issue.


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