March police report in Brooten

In his report to the Brooten city council dated April 8, Police Chief Jansky said, "March was an average month for us for this time of year, but with the nicer weather things are starting to pick up."

Officer Allyssa Engfer continues to teach Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) at the elementary school, which continues in April.

"The Active Shooter equipment has arrived, and we are equipped with what is needed to do the job and keep us safe and the people we're protecting. The department wants to give a huge 'Thank You' to Bayer Built for donating the money to get this equipment," said Jansky.

B-B-E schools is looking into a new radio system, a process that Jansky is helping with. He added, "I assisted Albany schools to get our 800 mHz system to communicate with the school's digital system they have. There is a patch kit that does this, and we're looking into ways to fund this project so the school has communication with the fire and police departments in any event."

On April 5, Officer Engfer dealt with a semi trailer-related accident with a driver who lives in Brooten. The trailer pulled some electrical wires down plus some that were underground.

Jansky said, "The semi was fully loaded on streets that were not designated truck route roads. This semi parks on Western Avenue by his house, which has been going on before I started as I am told. I was not aware that he was fully loaded at times. Western Avenue and others used are not rated for that weight of traffic."

The State Patrol was contacted due to the commercial vehicle side of it.

Jansky and the department asked the city council about the issue, and after light discussion, the council decided to get better signage posted around the different streets that are built to handle extra loads of a loaded semi trailer, such as School Avenue.

March police report for Brooten-originated calls, Incident Complaint Reports (total per item): minor consumption 1, personal assist 3, child custody dispute 1, dog complaint / barking 2, follow-up 4, harassment complaint 3, human services referral 1, lift assist 1, attend meeting 2, paper service 7, phone call 1, special detail 1, suspicious activity 1, traffic stop 21, warrant 2, agency assist 8, illegal burning 1, D.A.R.E. program 2, criminal follow-up 1, gas leak 1, probation house visit 3, landlord / tenant dispute 2, medical emergency 2, open door 1, gun permit 1, repossessed vehicle 2, snowbird 1, suspicious vehicle 1, verbal dispute 3, welfare check 2.


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