It takes an effort!

A breathtaking amount of energy goes into remaining ignorant

Posted online at 09:40 on the morning of Thursday, May 23, 2019.

I will re-post this comment again in the coming days...but I have to laugh at some of the comments buzzing around the community to the idea that Bonanza Valley Days in Brooten will be either scaled back or not held at all in July. It is one thing to "miss" something or mistakenly be out of the loop. You're busy, you're not paying attention and you just flat out miss information that is freely flowing around. However, it takes extra effort to remain ignorant. You have to really work at it. To miss month after month of Bonanza Valley Days 2019 dates published in the Bonanza Valley Voice, and miss the feature front page article back in March (March 28) that highlighted fundraising and the miss all of that takes a tremendous effort on the part of the ignorant person.

It is probably a better idea to spend that energy becoming informed, rather than spending that energy remaining ignorant and uninformed.

For the record, this week's (May 23) issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice has some really cool updates and information on Bonanza Valley Days 2019! You should get a copy of the paper if you haven't already.


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