COVID-19 Lessons: Government Accountability (Part 2)

Part I was published in the April 30 issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice

Governors' COVID-19 lockdowns have brought death into our country on several levels.

Our constitutional republic may have taken a final deathblow when everyone agreed to be ruled by executive orders. Everyone is looking to Government to save them from the virus and will continue to look to Government during the coming Depression. Over decades we moved to the point where the federal executive branch makes, applies and enforces our laws. We are close to the position the German people were in before they allowed their ruler to begin taking power in 1933. We even had our own Reichstag Fire event in the greatly exaggerated threat of COVID-19.

We were ordered to give up our businesses and our jobs; now we are being allowed to return to work if we can, to work even harder for lower wages and higher taxes. If we are to be ruled by executive order going forward, we should disband our state legislatures and stop with this archaic notion of electing representatives to make our laws for us.

Under the lockdowns we quarantined healthy people first, rather than high-risk groups like the elderly and people with medical conditions, which led to more deaths in those groups. Quarantining kids and "nonessential" workers ratcheted up the fear and stress, which reduced their immunity and put them at higher risk for later waves of the virus. Those later waves, which will cause more deaths, were enabled by the lockdowns which reduced the population the virus could work its way through with resulting herd immunity.

More people will die when we enter the Depression triggered by the lockdowns. Following business and job losses across the country, rates of suicide, abortions, family breakups, drug and alcohol use, domestic abuse and other social ills continue to rise.

More people will die for the next few months because they could not get or did not dare to leave their homes to seek, medical treatment for their cancers, diabetes, heart conditions and other illnesses.

People in government made mistakes in managing this "pandemic," and they should be excused. But the governors' lockdowns were not mistakes, but abuses of power; and governors in some states did not have the authority under state constitutions or law to issue the orders in the first place.

Every state attorney general in this country who did not restrain their governor should be recalled from office. Every governor, except those few who didn't abuse their authority, whom citizens allow to remain in office until their term ends, should be required to deliver monthly state of the state messages on what the state is doing to stop the spread of the suffering, and to flatten the curve on the deaths they have caused in their states. They should not dare to run for office again in 2022.

Looking ahead, Americans will have a final chance now to send a message about being ruled and about accountability to Government.


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