The Voice will not publish on June 11, June 25

As a response to the ongoing economic crisis caused by the government's COVID-19 related mandates, the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper will not publish a printed edition on June 11 and June 25. Doing this will relieve pressure on both newspaper staff as well as business advertisers.

Limited content that would have been published in those two issues will be posted on this website. Newspaper staff is currently researching all the requirements given by the United States Post Office that allow a newspaper to take this action. Without meeting those requirements, the newspaper's U.S. Postal Permit would likely be revoked.

In those two weeks, newspaper staff will spend extra time to convert the subscriber database into a format that meshes with the website dashboard. This step will allow the website's software to make newspaper pages fully readable online. Newspaper subscribers who have registered with the website will then be able to read the Voice online each week at their choosing.

Ultimately, the newspaper has no desire to abandon a printed version and will take all reasonable steps to emerge from the COVID recession as a viable small town newspaper.


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