Question: is the governor okay?

Written on Wednesday night, November 18

Based on what's happened in Minnesota over the past two weeks, it is prudent that we all ask this basic question: is Minnesota Governor Tim Walz okay? What has happened to him? Did he suffer some type of mental break down that has made him part ways with living in reality? Citizens of Minnesota need to ask this question in a serious manner, because Mr. Walz does not appear to be okay. There is something quite off about his actions and his words.

On what planet does a governor and his so-called "Department of Health" workers continue peddling the same message month after month after month without adding any new or valuable information, then stand up and openly whine that the citizens of Minnesota are not doing enough? Suggesting that we, the citizens, are to blame?

The biggest worry I have about our governor is how he has attacked two general groups of citizens in our state: bar and restaurant owners and workers plus those who participate in and work in the world of youth sports.

Walz's own Department of Health statistics show that bar and restaurant activity accounts for less than two percent of all COVID-19 cases in Minnesota. At the same time, youth sports has generated a statistically insignificant proportion of COVID-19 cases.

Yet here we are.

Walz and his "Department of Health" workers continue what I'll call a shroud of silence on promoting steps that every adult can take starting right away such as getting your Vitamin D levels checked, talking to your doctor about what vitamins and supplements help build your immune system or researching any advice in general that raises a person's ability to fight off any type of respiratory disease (COVID-19 or otherwise). The simple science behind hydration and humidity could save lives, yet they never talk about that. Not once this whole year has our Minnesota Department of Health talking heads described the value and the science behind drinking adequate water - especially in winter months.

The fact remains: unless you never leave your home, you can still contract respiratory diseases even if you mask and practice social distancing. Time and time again, people who have battled COVID-19 have said that they took all appropriate measures to avoid catching it - yet they still contracted it. It would be a huge step forward if the promotion of a strong, healthy body and immune system was included in Minnesota's public service announcements!

In terms of the new orders from "Chairman Walz"...for the state to include closing YMCA facilities in today's announcements shows just how cruel and inhumane his approach to this is. Closing YMCA facilities will especially harm low-income families, those with disabilities and children in general. It's sick. In my opinion, he is an out-of-control maniac who has zero credibility with his citizens.

We have heard Walz and his followers give the same message for the past eight months: social activity is bad, wear a mask, stay home, etc. When they continue preaching that same message without adding new information, they are not helping. They're not advancing us to where we want to be: strong and resilient to face the oncoming winter and whatever it will bring our way. You and I can argue about the "science" all day long, but the fact remains: Minnesota's approach to the pandemic has failed. Continuing with the same approaches and the same messaging day after day is not working. They need to provide new and useful information. A new message. They need to lift us up. They need to encourage us to take steps to be strong. We understand the value of being safe, but do we all understand the value of being strong?

This brings me back to my initial question: is the governor okay? What exactly is wrong with him? What happened to him that he has to unleash the full horror of a state government moving to restrict activities in Minnesota that contribute to a small fraction of COVID-19 cases?

My prediction: this is a preview of things to come in Minnesota. Walz is greasing the wheels for tougher and more brutal lock downs that will lead to untold economic carnage and human misery. This all foretells what life could become under President Joe Biden if he gets the opportunity to unleash his version of a "long, dark winter" on America.

Update the day after I wrote this: year-to-date, the Brooten zip code (with around 700 families) has had 61 cases of COVID-19 in a report just released by Minnesota on November 19. The figure of 61 is an increase of 12 from a week ago, showing clearly that COVID-19 is circulating through the Brooten area. In the October 29 report, the area in Brooten's zip code had 38 cumulative COVID-19 cases. To be clear: these figures are cumulative for the entire year of 2020. Saying that current figures are 12 higher than last week means that 12 new COVID-19 cases were discovered in the Brooten area this past week.

The Belgrade zip code (with around 950 families) has had 128 cumulative cases of COVID-19 as of November 19. This is an increase from 86 cumulative cases in the November 12 report. Belgrade's year-to-date COVID-19 number on October 29 was 54. Again, this all shows that COVID-19 is circulating through the Belgrade area. The virus is out there. That should be a surprise to no one. And at this point, if you had COVID-19 last winter, you are certainly susceptible to contracting the disease this winter - just like any respiratory disease.

For comparison, and I do find this interesting...the zip code for Kerkhoven showed 32 cumulative COVID-19 cases as of October 29. The number was unchanged one week later. For November 12, the MDH report showed 40 cumulative COVID-19 cases in the Kerkhoven zip code of 56252. For the report released today (November 19), Kerkhoven's number climbed from 40 to 54. Over in Murdock, their cumulative COVID-19 case number climbed from 21 on October 29 to 45 on November 19.

The statistics I provided are available on the Minnesota Department of Health website.


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