*LOST CAT in Belgrade

Stray cat found near B-B-E high school on January 16 - owners sought

A lost cat was discovered on Saturday afternoon, January 16, on the campus of the Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa high school. During the wrestling match at the school, this cat was found near the entryway trying to get in the building. It's likely that the large amount of foot traffic in and out of that door on the northeast corner attracted the cat to hang around.

As of Saturday night, the cat is safe and fed. If you know someone who has lost a cat fitting the following description, PLEASE send an e-mail right away to: lifeinbonanzavalley@gmail.com.

Description: very, very super friendly; the cat is very, very comfortable around children and adults; it is a light gray cat with a small amount of orange color on its face to contrast with its white hair. Its main coat appears light gray. It could be considered a "small" cat weighing just a few pounds. It is healthy but was found malnourished, so it is difficult to determine how many days it has been lost and without access to food; as of now it has been fed both wet and dry cat food and has access to water and a cat litter tray.

Click on the following (short) link to see a photo gallery of this cat: https://bit.ly/35MXmGH.


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