**Local vaccination plan from Glacial Ridge Health System

Press release on Thursday afternoon, January 14.

Glacial Ridge Health System (GRHS) is glad so many people want to get the vaccine as soon as they can to protect themselves and others! We understand your questions. Please understand it will take some time to vaccinate everyone who wants to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

GRHS and local public health agencies will continue to share information, including when we are notified by the MN Department of Health (MDH) about the allocation of additional doses to our local public health. In the early months, availability will be limited. As more vaccines become available, more people will be offered vaccinations.

Community members in Pope County and the surrounding area will also be notified when MN moves to each phase of the state plan and doses are available. Who is eligible to receive the vaccine, along with when, where, and how to get your shot will be communicated through multi media.

Glacial Ridge Health System's hospital and clinics are not keeping a list of patients who want the vaccine. If MDH rolls out plans for hospitals and clinics to assist public health agencies with getting the COVID-19 vaccine out to more people sooner in each phase, GRHS will notify community members the same way it is done for the annual influenza vaccine.

Visit GRHS' COVID-19 Resource Hub at http://www.response.glacialridge.org for frequently updated information on COVID and GRHS news regarding testing, vaccination, getting care, and more.


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