(HD VIDEO) Worship at Norway Lake Lutheran parish on March 7

Below is video for worship at Norway Lake Lutheran parish in rural New London, MN for Sunday, March 7, 2021.

An announcement from the Norway Lake Parish's pandemic planning team is below:

The parish pandemic team continues to recommend caution as we prepare to open our worship spaces again. Their recommendation is that in-person worship begin on Sunday, March 7, with one parish worship service at East Norway Lake Lutheran at 9:30 a.m. For March, worship will alternate weekly between East Norway Lake and First Lutheran. We will continue to follow the CDC and MDH guidelines for worship settings.

See the list of criteria for worship, noting especially that, for now:

-buildings will open at 25% capacity (ENL-42; FL-75)

-masks and physical distancing are required

-please call the parish office prior to attending a worship service

-singing will be allowed with masks worn

-hymnals will be in the pews as long as they are used by just one household per service

In addition, midweek Lenten worship will continue online only.



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