White Coat Waste Project exposes Fauci-backed horrors (VIDEO)

Without the work of the White Coat Waste Project, we may have never learned about the grotesque, vile horror taking place under the watch of the National Institute of Health and their wretched leader, Tony Fauci. The White Coat Waste Project receives all of its funding from small donors. They have long utilized a "Bernie Sanders-esque" fundraising model. This gives them a large, grassroots base of support.

In spite of the best efforts of the major media and all of his followers to protect him, Fauci is not off limits to criticism. Not last year, not this year and not ever. The Washington Post, a slanted rag of a newspaper, made a fool of themselves in their attempts to attack the White Coat Waste Project. Such a massive, massive fail on their part. (*That is exposed during the 8-minute mark of the embedded video.)

Journalist Glenn Greenwald first began exposing cruel, government-funded dog experiments back in 2018 while working with The Intercept. His initial story was about how the government breeds dogs into the world with the sole purpose of enduring cruel experiments.

My family recently lost our family dog. He was over 12 years old. We loved him dearly, and we are still devastated that he passed away (October 17). We find it completely abhorrent that people like Tony Fauci endorse through their government agencies cruel experiments on dogs. It is vile and disgusting.


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