Governor Walz excluded big-box retailers from COVID-19 contact tracing

Recently-released information shows how Walz orchestrated his assault on small businesses and other groups in Minnesota in 2020


December 30, 2021

The state government of Minnesota coordinated contact tracing for COVID-19 cases that specifically excluded big-box retailers. State-sponsored surveying asked questions targeting bars, restaurants. salons and gymnasiums.

At the height of this process, on December 14, 2020, State Senator Michelle Benson asked the Minnesota Department of Health for the exact list of questions that contact tracers were using. Initially, the MDH told Benson that she could not receive that information.

Fast forward nearly one year, a data request to the state showed that contact tracing questions were specifically asked about small business establishments targeted by Governor Walz's lockdown orders.

Under the section "exposure history" of the contact tracing form only inquires about the subject's patronage at a restaurant or bar, salon, spa or barber, participation in sporting events, visits to a gym or attendance at a "mass gathering."

You can see the full MDH document showing the contact tracing survey that was used in 2020 to orchestrate Walz's lockdown orders that damaged small businesses and also kept children across Minnesota from being physically active with athletic-based activities. To view it on your device or computer, click on the following short link:

It should be pointed out that discouraging physical activity for children is a proven way to harm their health. Childhood obesity is a nationwide epidemic in America.

In a related item, it was announced on December 9 by digital marketing consultant Josh Kimber that Governor Walz deleted dozen and dozens of YouTube videos from his press conferences related to the topics of his administration's response to both COVID-19 (beginning March 20, 2020) as well as the George Floyd riots (beginning May 27, 2020). It is highly suspicious that just as an election year is about to begin, Walz would attempt to scrub these videos from the Internet. Fortunately, the Internet is forever, and these videos are being compiled and archived at separate platforms that will allow the public to view them as they have a right to.

To illustrate the sheer volume of what Walz is attempting to hide from the public, 22 videos were deleted from March 2020, 26 videos were deleted from April 2020 and 24 videos were deleted from May 2020. Walz's office has yet to provide any explanation on why his administration attempted to conceal these videos from the public.


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