Pope County Farm Bureau hosts Breakfast on the Farm (VIDEO)

The Pope County Farm Bureau joined forces with dozens of area businesses to host a wildly successful Breakfast on the Farm event on Labor Day, Monday, September 5, at Rolling Forks Vineyard of rural Glenwood. Throughout the morning they served over 2,250 people while overseeing numerous children's activities and also educational booths that helped the public get to know more about the local agriculture scene.

Let's talk beef! Did you know? A baby calf stands, nurses and can walk within an hour of being born; a baby calf drinks about a gallon of milk per day. Baby calves can live alongside their mom until they are about six months old in a pasture setting. Cows can chew 40,000 times per day and smell things that are six miles away. Cows chew food eight hours a day and can sleep while standing up. A typical full-grown cow can make 2,000 hamburgers. Leather from a cow can create 144 baseballs. You can learn more about beef and other agriculture topics by clicking here: http://www.agfoundation.org/on-the-farm/learn-about-beef.

Additional coverage with photos appeared in the September 8 issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper.


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