Switzerland recommends that most people avoid COVID jabs

Switzerland has officially stopped recommending the jabs for almost all of its citizens.

From Switzerland health authorities: "The COVID vaccine recommendations have been withdrawn and doctors will be held liable for giving the shots."

Background: "Corona immunity seroprevalence data (June/July 2022) shows that more than 98% of the Swiss population have antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. Due to the immunity situation, the currently predominant virus variants and the expected low virus circulation in spring/summer 2023, it can be assumed that people without risk factors have a very low risk of becoming seriously ill with covid-19 in spring/summer 2023."

In other words, the Swiss have dropped the vaccination against covid. This might be the first country to do so. But it gets more interesting.

The state is now washing its hands from vaccine damage liability – Vaccinations that are not recommended (meaning everyone except on doctors orders) "Such vaccinations are carried out without subsidiary liability by the federal government".

This means that going forward, doctors giving the vaccines will now be held LIABLE for vaccine damage if they violated the duty of care by giving the shots to people despite the state not recommending it for them.

The result is that many doctors will probably be very hesitant to give the shots now. Notice what their health authorities said: the state only recommends vaccination if "temporarily increased protections...can be expected". With nearly all of its country's citizens having natural or hybrid immunity, the level of protection offered by additional jabbing is nil.

Source (short link): Peter Sweden on Substack, https://bit.ly/40UlEJr.


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