'It's Time to Leave Earth' (VIDEO)

From columnists chastising parents who want to have their own biological children (this is now deemed "immoral") to Kamala Harris thinking she is ready to be President of the United States, it's time for another installment of It's Time To Leave Earth from John Talks on YouTube.

On a Twitter thread, I saw that the domestic terrorist organization called PETA posted on September 8 that cows' milk is a symbol used by white supremacists. They continue their call to stop dairy farming and stop the use of dairy milk in our food supply.

All this while gas prices are pushing past $4 a gallon. Are you feeling it yet? Are you feeling that burn of the economy in your pocket book? Remember: this is all by design. They want us to suffer, and it's working.

If you didn't the entire world is going crazy, then you're not paying attention.


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