Oregon has had one of the country's worst governors ever (VIDEO)

Tina Kotek has been one of the worst governors in the history of the United States. This has played out in front of everyone's eyes across her tenure leading the Beaver State. Her most glaring and obvious flaw has been her full support of decriminalizing illicit drug use and illicit drug possession. In 2020, Kotek pushed hard for Measure 110, a ballot question that decriminalized drugs in Oregon. Being the idiot she is, she said in 2022 while running for governor, as the whole house was falling down on the insanity, that Oregon simply needed to spend more money on the problems. They needed taxpayers to fork over more of their hard-earned cash in an attempt to save Measure 110.

Fast forward to early 2024, and Kotek declared a State of Emergency for the city of Portland for a runaway crisis she and her idiot supporters created: out-of-control problems wi, th opioid and fentanyl use. On the heels of which no thinking person is surprised.

Fast forward to today, and Kotek has now signed House Bill 4002, a law that re-criminalizes possession of small amounts of drugs in Oregon. The failed experiment she led is now in the clean-up mode phase, which will cost taxpayers an untold amount of money. The attached video spells out more detail on what has taken place in Oregon.

Other problems in Oregon under Kotek:

In 2023, homelessness in Oregon reached an all-time high.

Kotek has not credibly responded to news of conditions at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville. A report released in 2023 outlined stories of harassment and sexual abuse at the 508,000-square foot facility that houses over 800 female inmates. Kotek created an "advisory group" in August 2023 to formulate recommendations for the Oregon Department of Corrections. Almost 8 months later, no credible action has taken place.

In March of this year, Kotek's state government declined to extradite accused rapist Jose-Sebastian from the state of Florida. He has been wanted for sexual crimes since 2017 in Oregon, but Kotek as well as federal authorities both declined to extradite him from Florida after he served his time there for driving without a license...until they faced public blow back. Initially, the Washington County District Attorney cited Kotek's policy of not extraditing accused criminals unless they've been accused of a Class C felony or worse. You can read more about this shocking issue by clicking here: https://t.ly/LUqvN. Note: this single story also highlights the runaway problems related to illegal immigration in America.

In January of 2024, Kotek's state government apparatus has openly attacked small farmers and gardeners in Oregon. This shocking turn of events is explained in great detail at the following YouTube video: https://t.ly/7Slm3. This last news item is perhaps the scariest out of everything listed here.


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