Shocker, or no surprise at all? U.S. government lied about COVID jabs (VIDEO)

Surprise, surprise! The U.S. government lied about COVID jabs at the depths of the pandemic from the very beginning of the jab rollout in December 2020. According to Dr. Robert Redfield, ex-CDC director, the government lied about COVID jabs because they officially did not follow up on how effective the jabs were in terms of whether or not a person becomes sick after they were jabbed. Redfield explained in a podcast that the government did not report that jabbed people were infected with COVID and were spreading it. They were unwilling to do anything that harmed the reputation of Big Pharma's jabs and the government and media's jab-pushing campaign.

The attached video from Russell Brand, which lasts about 13 minutes, spells out what happened and how the government repeatedly lied and lied and lied some more! This is from Joe Biden, Tony Fauci and everyone else in the federal government who lied breathlessly at the effectiveness and safety of the jabs.


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