Articles from the May 11, 2023 edition

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  • B-B-E Class of 2023 holds Baccalaureate worship service (VIDEO)

    Randy Olson|May 11, 2023

    The Class of 2023 Baccalaureate service was held on Sunday, May 7 at the Brooten Community Church with 41 of the 54 seniors worshiping. With sophomore Tia Nelson leading the songs, senior class members provided Biblical readings. Shown are Dacia Szczesniak (left) and Bella Buckentine and Abby Berge. Pastor Rick Krasky provided the sermon. (Story coming next week.) A video featuring most of the Baccalaureate worship is posted with this web article....

  • The invasion is underway (VIDEO)

    Randy Olson|May 11, 2023

    A massive invasion of illegal immigrants is underway at the United States' southern border as the criminally incompetent Biden administration has completely failed the citizens of America. In New York City, moron-in-chief Mayor Eric Adams has suspended the "Right To Shelter" rule for at least 5 days as the city is under siege from a massive, wide-open influx of illegal immigrants. The city's Right to Shelter policy had been in place since the 1970s. Americans have every right to stick their...

  • The news clipping at the end...(VIDEO)

    Randy Olson|May 11, 2023

    After getting through the horror that is outlined across numerous slides and news reels in this video below, the final piece shows that there is still good in this world. On another note that touches on what is emphasized early in this video, it's a safe bet right now that Fox News has set up its own demise. Good riddance!...

  • Absolutely fascinating Vitamin D tutorial (VIDEO)

    Randy Olson|May 11, 2023

    This 33-minute long video features an astonishing level of information regarding the value of Vitamin D in a person's health. In February 2022, scientists in Israel published remarkable data in a study showing a strong link between Vitamin D deficiency and death or serious illness among COVID-19 patients. The study showed that patients who are deficient in Vitamin D are up to 14 times more likely to fall severely ill from COVID-19 than people with higher Vitamin D levels. COVID-19 patients with...

  • COVID lies are funny (VIDEO)

    Randy Olson|May 11, 2023

    Jimmy Dore is first a comedian and second a humanitarian. In this video recorded at one of his comedy tour stops, Dore provides a string of light-hearted, down-to-earth, hilarious lines that break down a very serious topic and bring you to laugh while you should really be shedding a tear or two at how insane the world got between 2020 and 2022....