A mother's plea: SLOW DOWN!

A local young mother submitted this to the newspaper after she posted it on social media and received considerable feedback on it.

To the parents, grandparents, relatives, siblings, or friends of teens/young drivers (even older) driving through any of the streets of Belgrade. I'm asking very kindly right now to please talk to those that drive through town about obeying the speed limit and keeping a watchful eye out for young kids. We just had a couple teens drive past our house at high speeds. I have a two-year old who has proven to me twice now that he can easily get away from me (chasing a two-year old at 30 weeks of pregnancy isn't the easiest) and has run out onto the street! Thank God there were no vehicles at those times, but I can tell you, my heart stopped and I have troubles sleeping sometimes knowing how lucky we were. It could have been very tragic, people don't realize that possibility sometimes. Please talk to everyone and make them aware that you have to watch for these tiny kids who do not know any better. My son's height reaches the bumper of our truck, very easy to miss. I will however start calling the police. We can't have people driving through like they have been. I watch kids out on the streets on their bikes and crossing without looking. Please, be aware of everyone's kids!


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