Poppy Day in Brooten

Lorraine Amundson, Poppy Chairperson for the American Legion Auxiliary in Brooten, witnesses Mayor Larry Putz sign the proclamation designating May as Poppy Month in Brooten. The Auxiliary sold poppies around town on Friday, May 20.



The lovely red Poppy as everyone knows

In Flanders' Field its radiance glows.

The waxen petals of brilliant red

Honoring our heroes whose blood was shed

There in sacrifice, that freedom might live.

No greater gift could our soldier give.

So here amid rows of crosses so white

The brave little Poppy of scarlet so bright

Waves in the breeze on a carpet of green

And reminds us of heroes that now we esteem.

Let's wear a red Poppy and in our hearts say,

"We will honor our Nation as truly as they."

Mrs. Dan Herrin

National Poppy Chairwoman


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