Terrace Mill Youth Theatre presents "Once upon a Leprechaun" July 20-21

A cast of 29 youth will present the musical "Once upon a Leprechaun" this week Wednesday and Thursday, July 20 & 21, at 6:30 p.m. at the historic Terrace Mill in Terrace.

The Terrace Mill Children's Theatre, in its 17th season, is under the direction of Julie Lloyd and Lucy Lloyd. This performance is put on by the Children's Musical Theatre Workshop I in Terrace. The town of Terrace is located 14 miles south of Glenwood on Highway 104.

"Once upon a Leprechaun" is a hilarious musical spoof, according to co-director Julie Lloyd.

"We did this a few years ago. It was a lot of fun and has many great parts," she said. "Clever dialogue and great music work to inspire many a chuckle in the wee as well as the old! It would be a real tragedy to miss out on this one. It is sure to be enjoyed by an audience of all ages!"

The full cast is listed below with their cast name, real name and their hometown.

Fin O Grady: Blair Andersen (Terrace)

Pegeen Flaherty: Anna Larson (Eagan)

Mother Flaherty: Molly Peterson (Maryland)

Colm Flaherty: John Otto (Delano)

Blather: Eileen Otto (Delano)

Blarney: Bonita Odigie (Chicago, IL)

Balderdash: Annika Stensrud (Glenwood)

Landowner: Makenna Swalla (Villard)

Daughter: Ashley Bakko (Terrace)

Griffin's Mom: Soffia Stadtherr (Glenwood)

Griffin: Riley Schumann (Brooten)

Aidan: Charlie Otto (Delano)

Innkeeper: Caroline Claeson (Minneapolis)

Innkeeper's Daughter: Abby Engbrecht (Fairbault)

Farmer: Kaitlyn Peterson (Glenwood)

Bridget Doyle: Greta Reichmann (Villard)

Mother Doyle: Allie Payne (DeGraff)

Cow: Lyla Stadtherr (Glenwood)

Stranger: Sylvia Larson (Eagan)

Cricket: Daniel Cochran (Glenwood)

Mouse: Kate Otto (Delano)

Bird: Alia Randt (Glenwood)

Wee Woman: Zoey Elwood (Sedan)

Queen: Tori Grady (Glenwood)

Prince Brian: Nate Peterson (Maryland)

Chorus: Paige Klaphake (Elrosa), Taylor Shelton (Glenwood), Riley McMennomy (Arizona), Sophia Grady (Glenwood).


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