Notice to Brooten and Belgrade residents

*This article was posted at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 31.

City Hall in Brooten has announced that the water temperature of water in the system, coming from the water tower, is hovering at 37 degrees. This has increased the chances of water freeze-ups at residential and business locations across town. It is crucial that property owners run at least one faucet, perhaps more, at a small trickle of water to prevent water line freeze-ups.

The city is not responsible for repairs stemming from water freeze-ups.

*Also, City Hall in Belgrade also announced this morning that their water tower's water temperature is lower than it normally is at this point in the winter. An exact reading wasn't reported, but they are reminding property owners to make sure to run their water in at least one location of their property "about a pencil lead width" in volume for the time being. This plus additional related information is also posted on the door of City Hall in Belgrade and at their website:

All of this has stemmed from continued, dangerously cold temperatures the area is currently experiencing. This week, record low temperatures have been recorded across Minnesota and other parts of the country. The low temperature last night (late on Wednesday, Jan. 30) was between 33 and 35 degrees below zero across the Bonanza Valley area.


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