Brooten Bucks no longer valid

As of Thursday, July 11, 2019, Brooten Bucks are no longer valid as a way to pay for goods or services from the 2018 business members of the Brooten Commercial Club. This stems from a bank-related order put into play on July 8 by the State of Minnesota stating that that all remaining funds in the general fund checking account of the Brooten Commercial Club will be seized.

The Brooten Commercial Club's gambling fund no longer has any funds in it (as of the end of June 2019). Going into this week, the group's general fund had approximately $3,000 that was what remained from member dues paid in 2018. Those funds will be garnished and applied towards the group's $65,000-plus tax and penalty bill that is past due to the MN Department of Revenue.

What it all means is that there's no method to reimburse businesses who wish to redeem Brooten Bucks after they're received them from a member of the public. The Brooten Commercial Club has asked the Department of Revenue if there is any possible way to save the funds for the community, but due to the large tax bill owed, that is not likely. This is being disclosed right away so that the public is aware of what is happening.

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Note: this web article will be updated on Friday, July 12 as needed.


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