It amazes me

"Randy's Amazed" is latest tweak to publisher's column

It's amazing to watch and wonder what on earth is going through the minds of parents who drop their kids off at our elementary school, and immediately upon driving away on the boulevard by the school entrance - their eyes shoot down in reflexive fashion to their phones.

There are days where I walk away in sheer horror as the ratio of parents who do this and who don't do this rises to near one-out-of-two.

So your child or children are safe in the building, and somehow that makes it okay to drive away from the school with your eyes glued to your dumb-phone?

It amazes me.


It amazes me how Hollywood continues to lecture Americans how to live. Their latest stunt (of many stunts) was the vegan meal served at Sunday's Golden Globes this week. What will you serve next year? A bug-only meal? Your disdain for American livestock farmers comes through loud and clear, and it amazes me.

Other things amaze me, but you'll have to wait for future issues to learn about them.


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