(VIDEO) How can you not LOVE the power of this song



A view of East Norway Lake Lutheran church from the county road.

This video (below) features the choir at East Norway Lake Lutheran church (and volunteer singers from the congregants) on sunrise worship service on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010.

Randy Olson

(VIDEO) A low-definition video clip from April 2010. The video was taken by a small, point-and-shoot G.E. camera.

This video clip is very special to me, as it includes the late Rose Aasen, who is seated in a chair on the far left of the choir (from the vantage point of the videocamera). Holding the music for her is her daughter-in-law Nancy, married to her son David. Rose was a very close friend of my late father. She was a wonderful, wonderful person and a fellow National Farmers Organization member with my dad.

Rose Aasen passed away on June 17, 2012.

Near the end of this video clip, I panned upwards towards the ceiling of the ENL church sanctuary. The wooden cross you see was made by James H. Thompson of rural Norway Lake in honor of my father after he died in a January 2005 farm accident. Church members placed it in the sanctuary later that year.


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