COVID-19 at Stearns County food processing plants

Stearns County is working collaboratively with Minnesota Department of Health, CentraCare Health, Pilgrim's Pride in Cold Spring and Jennie-O in Melrose in response to employees testing positive for COVID-19 in their facilities.

Action plans for response are currently in progress, including the potential for testing ill employees and isolation and quarantine as needed. Both companies proactively implemented strategies to keep employees safe while continuing their operations. Once plans for follow-up are finalized, employees will be notified with additional information and direction.

COVID-19 is circulating in our communities. The stay at home order by Governor Walz remains in effect until May 4. We encourage everyone to follow guidance as outlined in the executive order, such as only traveling to do essential tasks like grocery shopping, going to work or assisting family members who are unable to care for themselves. As a reminder, if you are ill, you should self-isolate in your residence; make sure you stay away from others residing in your home. You will also want to make sure you do not leave your home unless it is an emergency. If you do need to leave for any reason, you should be masked. If you have been exposed to an ill person, we ask you to self-quarantine. This means stay at home as much as possible, monitor for any symptoms, and if you need to go out, wear a mask and assure you're limiting your time out of the home. If you have or develop symptoms, please call your healthcare provider before you see your doctor. They will let you know their process for helping you.

Anyone with questions should call the Stearns/Benton County Hotline at 1-877-782-5683.


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