Dusting off a newspaper blog

Click here to read more about the Bonanza Valley Voice publisher's blog. I am "shaking the dust off of it" after it has been relatively dormant since late 2015. I've added the ability to easily access this blog from my cell phone, giving me the ability to add breaking news very quickly and easily while out and about. (Although, currently there's not much "out and about" to take in.)

Here's the link you can bookmark: https://lifeinbonanzavalley.blogspot.com

. One neat feature is the ability for citizens to post comments on each blog post.

And if you click on the following short link, you'll go back to the very first blog post on that blog...back in October 2014. This was two months before I took over operations of the Voice. https://bit.ly/2AwdY8P. In that October blog post, you can watch a video from the Classic Co. Dinner Theater at BVD in 2014.

Stay well out there!


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