School update for B-B-E

Below are firsthand comments by the newspaper publisher, posted on Wednesday, July 22. Because the situation is "in flux" - nothing is official at this point, but the information is worth reading and sharing.

I'm at the July school board meeting tonight at the elementary school. While observing and listening to the discussion of school this fall at B-B-E, it should be known that the district is making "every effort possible" to get school open this fall with in-person learning available for all students enrolled here. In a nutshell: they are going above and beyond to do everything within their power to make school work out this fall for B-B-E's resident and open enrolled-in families.

The district is dubbing their top idea as a "Hy/Choice" model. This is a hybrid model that would also provide some choice. They have not received approval from the state for this plan as of yet, but are hoping to get as many students as possible back in our school buildings, provided they can do it as safely as the general public expects.

Distance Learning will still be part of any solution. This is a state requirement, and B-B-E is well-positioned to accommodate Distance Learning, as we saw last spring when it was put in play in April and May.

There's more details to go with the "Hy/Choice" model, but it should be known that the building space and logistics of each grade level are such that four-days-a-week school would work out. The district is assuming that some families will choose to keep their children at home, and that is perfectly acceptable. They are working with the expectation that families will have the choice to send their kids to school but won't be in a position where they must send them.

And by "four-days-a-week" school, that could still come in different forms.

This all rides on what Governor Walz and the Minnesota Department of Health, will allow. So all eyes are on next week when he's expected to announce what will be allowed in Minnesota for K-12 education.


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