(VIDEO) What science says about Vitamin D and the SARS-2 virus

Did you know that most of your Vitamin D is produced by your kidneys? And Vitamin D is actually a hormone? This is why kidney problems can affect bone health. Vitamin D is an immuno-modulator. It affects the innate and adaptive immune systems. The kidneys have an important role in making vitamin D useful to the body. The kidneys convert Vitamin D from supplements or the sun to the active form of Vitamin D that is needed by the body. With chronic kidney disease, low Vitamin D levels can be found, sometimes even severely low levels.

You can learn more about the importance of Vitamin D and how it plays into your body's fight against possible COVID-19 viral infection by watching this embedded video. It's 31 minutes long but worth watching.

You can learn more about food-based sources of Vitamin D by clicking here (short link) https://bit.ly/2PhsKEx.


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