(HD VIDEO) Positive results from vitamin D trials

Dr. John Campbell is a retired nurse teacher and A and E nurse in England. In recent years, he provides explanation to scientific studies in the health care world.

In the embedded video, Dr. Campbell explains the science behind a clinical study of vitamin D related to COVID-19. He points out observations that vitamin D-deficient individuals have increased COVID-19 risk and mortality. This study was published on November 12, 2020 in the Postgraduate Medical Journal, a peer-reviewed journal published on behalf of the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine (short link): https://bit.ly/379Q9Aq.

This specific study shows results when a patient is admitted to the hospital with a COVID-19 infection and given a specific regimen of Vitamin D. Results show a lowered death rate, shorter hospital stays and lower risk of blood clotting. This was a randomized, placebo-controlled study.

He asks a question that he has asked over and over this year: why are governments not being more proactive in promoting the use of Vitamin D to combat the COVID-19 pandemic? Vitamin D has an immunomodulatory role, which means it is a counterbalance against the cytokine storms that are a major contributing factor to poor outcomes to COVID-19 infections.


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