"Show me the data" (OPINION)

So, what gives with the reluctance to highlight the multiple tools in our arsenal to fight against respiratory diseases?

Is there a financial incentive for Big Pharma to push everyone into the COVID-19 vaccine, and thus make the control group in this grand vaccination experiment as small as possible?

What gives? In the embedded video below, a review of data from a United Kingdom study is given regarding the benefits of Ivermectin in the fight against COVID-19.

Back in Minnesota, the dishonest character we know by the name of Attorney General Keith Ellison is trying to push aside a court case against a bar and gymnasium owner in Lynd, Minnesota. He wants the case dismissed. The plaintiff in that case wants to go to trial. What is he scared of? Is he afraid of being deposed and put in front of a judge and jury? Is he afraid of what would happen to his precious Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm if she went in front of a judge and jury?

From the way it looks, this show is just getting started. From my point of view, they want the lockdowns to continue. They never want to let up.


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