B-B-E zip codes post the number THREE

August 12 COVID-19 zip code report shows little change in viral spread across rural areas

NOTE: this web article was updated on Friday afternoon, August 13 with information from multiple central Minnesota zip code areas.

This week the Belgrade, Brooten and Elrosa zip codes posted the number three.

In the August 12, 2021 Minnesota Department of Health report posted two new COVID-19 cases in the Belgrade zip code, which is their first new COVID cases since June 17, almost two months ago. In Brooten, the 56316 zip code posted a "one" for the second week in a row after going from May 20 to July 29 with zero new COVID-19 cases. This makes four total new COVID-19 cases in the B-B-E zip code areas dating back to June 17, 2021 in a population of about 4,300 men, women and children.

There's nothing to report for Elrosa, which has had just one COVID-19 case since mid-December of 2020.

After having three new COVID-19 cases posted in the August 5 report, the zip code area of Sunburg showed zero new COVID-19 cases in this week's report. An unusually high number of cases were reported in the Pennock zip code of 56279 with eight new cases in a population of about 1,250 people.

Area case count increase by zip code across the Bonanza Valley area and surrounding zip codes:

Willmar 56201 - 75 new cases

Benson 56215 - 3 new cases

Kandiyohi 56251 - 3 new cases

Kerkhoven 56252 - 2 new cases

Murdock 56271 - 1 new case

New London 56273 - 5 new cases

Pennock - 8 new cases

Starbuck - 1 new case

Spicer 56288 - 4 new cases

Sunburg 56289 - NO new cases

Alexandria 56308 - 43 new cases

Belgrade 56312 - 2 new cases to a cumulative total of 313 since January 2020

Brooten 56316 - 1 new case to a cumulative total of 161 since January 2020

Elrosa 56325 - NO new cases; they have a cumulative total of 18 since January 2020

Glenwood 56334 - 9 new cases

Osakis 56360 - 2 new cases

Villard 56385 - NO new cases

Melrose 56352 - NO new cases

Paynesville 56362 - 5 new cases

Sauk Centre 56378 - 12 new cases


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