B-B-E zip code areas post a 26 (VIDEO)

The Belgrade zip code has posted the number "22" for the latest weekly reporting period from the Department of Health COVID-19 case count increase. The new number of confirmed, new COVID-19 cases in the Belgrade zip code of about 2,600 rural and town-dwelling people is 340 dating back to January 2020.

New case count activity in the Brooten zip code of 56316 backed off from last week's figure. Last week's new case count figure was "7" compared to "4" this week. And another zero was posted for the Elrosa zip code (the city itself).

This brings a cumulative total of 26 for the latest week's reporting period. This is the highest one-week increase since the November 26 report was released by the MDH last fall. In that November 26 report, a total of 50 new cases were reported in the B-B-E zip codes. That still stands as the weekly record for our local zip code area.

Sunburg posted a "one" in this last report. Glenwood had the number 11, Spicer posted the number 7, New London had the number 8, while Pennock posted the number 2. Kerkhoven's new number was "one" while Murdock's new number was a 2.

More will be posted here on Thursday night (if everything goes right today at The Voice.)


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