B-B-E zip codes post a 32 (VIDEO)

September 2 COVID-19 zip code report released by Department of Health

The Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa zip code areas of rural and town-dwelling residents saw a new COVID-19 case number of 32 added to the database in the latest reporting period. This was released today in the Minnesota Department of Health September 2 COVID-19 zip code report. For the second straight week, the big number in the group was posted by the Belgrade zip code, which includes over 60 percent of the total population of men, women and children in this local area (about 4,300 people). The new number posted by 56312 was 26, bringing the cumulative total of new COVID-19 cases to 366 going back to January 2020.

A small increase was shown by the Brooten zip code of 56316, as six new cases were reported for this area. This is up from four in the August 26 report but lower than the 7 that was posted in the August 19 report.

As has been a trend for many, many months now, the Elrosa zip code area of 56325 posted a zero. Their cumulative number of COVID-19 cases since January 2020 remains at 18 in a population of about 230 people. The town of Elrosa has seen just one new COVID-19 case since December 16, 2020.

In terms of central Minnesota, the only zip code areas that posted large increases were Kerkhoven (6 new cases) and New London (23 new cases). For Kerkhoven, the number six is not dramatic, but it is larger than what they posted throughout August. In terms of New London, their August 19 figure was 13 new cases. Through the period of July 30 to August 25, the 56273 zip code posted 33 new cases between July 30 and August 25. For Kerkhoven's zip code area of 56252, from July 30 to August 25, they reported just 4 new cases.

Other area COVID-19 case count increases by zip code:

Willmar 56201 - 37 new cases

Benson 56215 - 10 new cases

Kandiyohi 56251 - 2 new cases

Kerkhoven 56252 - 6 new cases

Morris 56267 - 14 new cases

Murdock 56271 - 2 new cases

New London 56273 - 23 new cases

Pennock 56279 - 2 new cases

Spicer 56288 - 9 new cases

Sunburg 56289 - no new cases

Alexandria 56308 - 51 new cases

Glenwood 56334 - 15 new cases

Greenwald 56335 - no new cases

Melrose 56352 - 7 new cases

Osakis 56360 - 6 new cases

Paynesville 56362 - 16 new cases

St. Martin 56376 - no new cases

Sauk Centre 56378 - 17 new cases

Starbuck 56381 - 3 new cases

Villard 56385 - 8 new cases.

In the five-minute video below, the recent dramatic increase in childhood obesity was outlined in a report released by Kaiser Permanente. Does anyone have any idea how much effort will be required to reverse that trend?

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