Withholding truth (OPINION)

It's disturbing to see the level of truths, facts and accurate information that is withheld from the public debate around COVID-19. Fortunately, the information is out there if you really want to know what's happening. This also slides over to the debate around vaccination.

Did you know? If you have a large amount of excess body fat, it minimizes the ability of the COVID-19 jab to do its job properly? Science spells that all out. In laymen's terms, if you have a large amount of excess body fat, it can render a COVID-19 vaccine much less effective, which means you have a much greater risk of a breakthrough case and possible hospitalization and/or death. They don't tell you that in the major media. I dare anyone to find record of a politician or a public "health" official who has stated that fact out loud. This is outlined in the 21-minute video embedded here.

Someone else said it best, so I'm simply going to use what they said: "It's really quite simple. The third dose increases immunity, so after the fourth dose you'll be protected. Once 80% of the population has received the fifth dose, the restrictions can be relaxed as the sixth dose stops the virus from spreading. I am confident that the seventh dose will solve our problems and we'll have no reason to fear the eighth dose. The clinical phase of the ninth dose will confirm that the antibodies remain stable after the tenth dose. The eleventh dose will insure that no new mutations will develop, so there is no longer any reason to criticize the twelfth dose." (Please know that contains sarcasm.)

Additional information can be obtained at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF2Oy5c7T1R_4s1skNO0TwQ.


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