B-B-E zip codes post a 43 (VIDEO)

From a population standpoint, the new COVID-19 case counts in the past week have evened out between the Belgrade 56312, Brooten 56316 and Elrosa 56325 zip code areas. In the December 16 report by the Minnesota Department of Health, the cumulative figure for new COVID-19 cases reported in the past week is 43, which is an increase from last week's total of 32 (December 9 report). The breakdown is as follows:

Belgrade 56312 - 27 new cases (18 last week)

Brooten 56316 - 14 new cases (8 last week)

Elrosa 56325 - 2 new cases (6 last week)

The record for most new COVID-19 cases reported in a one-week period for the B-B-E zip codes is 50, which was in the November 26, 2020 M.D.H. report during a period where COVID-19 restrictions were numerous across both our business community and school. In that report, the Belgrade 56312 zip code area posted 31 new cases. That remains the 56312 zip code's highest weekly figure dating back to January 2020.

To give a better view of local COVID-19 cases, here are the weekly new number counts for the past 11 reports dating back to October 14. These figures represent the total new cases per week in the 56312, 56316, and 56325 zip codes:

October 7 - 19 new cases.

October 14 - 18 new cases.

October 21 - 20 new cases.

October 28 - 14 new cases.

November 4 - 18 new cases.

November 11 - 25 new cases.

November 18 - 40 new cases.

November 29 - 26 new cases.

December 2 - 23 new cases.

December 9 - 32 new cases.

December 16 - 43 new cases.

In the video below, an explanation is given for how a vaccinated person can improve the efficacy (ability to do its job) of a COVID-19 jab. For a person who is obese, and especially morbidly obese, this can be achieved by losing weight. The video was posted on November 25, 2021.


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