Optimize your body against pathogens


December 23, 2021

Below is a video outlining what everyone can do to optimize their immune system for infectious diseases that circulate around the globe. These are points you can take into consideration on a daily basis. It's quite simple: life is so much better when you have proper metabolic health.


Proper metabolic health involves ideal levels of blood sugar, triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, blood pressure, and waist circumference, without using medications. These factors directly relate to a person's risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Source (short link): https://bit.ly/3EnNMbO.

Most major studies suggest that only about 12 percent of American adults are metabolically healthy. In general, we are nation in very, very poor health. Studies suggest that about one-fourth of American adults have metabolic syndrome, a condition that occurs when a person fails to meet at least three of five ideal measurements of things like blood pressure and glucose levels.


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