Good health is finally being El Salvador (VIDEO)

It took the president of El Salvador to put the issue front and center where it should be


January 6, 2022

June 17 of each year is "Eat Your Vegetables Day" - but here in the dead of winter, it's even more important to talk about why it's important to eat fruits and vegetables every day.

It's fascinating to see the campaign for better health that was recently launched in El Salvador of South America. It's downright stunning when compared to the messaging that we get from health "authorities" in the United States.


El Salvador president Nayib Bukele wants the issues of obesity and diabetes to be discussed front and center in his country. These two issues are the leading cause of increased vulnerability to severe disease and hospitalizations. The 11-minute long video here explains more.

As a side bar, June 17 is Eat Your Vegetables Day, but that same topic has even more relevance for those of us living in the Upper Midwest in the dead of winter. Read more here:


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