Sick, disgusting trends in public education, entertainment (OPINION)

What is going on with the obsession of a certain thread of political activism currently spilling into public education that normalizes adult staff in schools to openly discuss sexual topics with very young children? As young as preschool-age students.

I want to know:

(1.) How did this happen?

(2.) Who can possibly think this is okay?

The anti-grooming legislation in Florida that aims to prevent school staff from grooming young children on sexual topics has been under fire from all sides lately. This is against the backdrop of some teachers openly bragging on social media about inserting their personal agenda into their classrooms - again, as young as preschool age classrooms.

Then we have Disney, whose writers wish to overtly sexualize their movies.

In the embedded video, retired Secret Service agent Dan Bongino dives into these issues at about the three-minute mark of the 54-minute long video.

I'm a father of elementary-age children, and I would become completely unglued if I learned that school staff was openly discussing sexual topics with them in a classroom setting or in any private setting.

Sick, warped adults have no business being in an educational setting with children. Why is that a controversial statement?


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