New Zealand is ran by some of the dumbest people on earth

"Feel free to keep your mask on" she says - it just makes her feel better in front of the cameras.

This video features New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, one of the most vile creatures on earth. She is especially bad news.

To get a glimpse at how badly New Zealand is handling the coronavirus issue, click here: New Zealand is learning the hard way that jabbing everyone is not a winning strategy to beat back the virus. On April 21, the country reported close to 10,000 new cases in a country with a population of around 5 million people. (Less than the population of the state of Minnesota.) On May 4, the country reported almost 8,700 new cases. Their country is 80.5 percent "fully vaccinated" as of this week.

Remember: the concern of our "leaders" across the globe is not for your personal health, well-being or your safety. Their concern is how you behave, how you act, how you speak and who you interact with. That's what they care about. They want to you to live a certain way, while they live their own way. They want you to stay in line, and don't you ever, ever speak ill of the ruling class!


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