That stubborn number of "three" (COVID-19)

B-B-E zip codes post a 3 for the fifth straight week

In the May 26 zip code report released by the Minnesota Department of Health, the Belgrade, Brooten and Elrosa zip code areas (56312, 56316 and 56325) posted a three for new COVID-19 cases over a one-week period for the fourth straight week. These figures of three each week represent M.D.H. lab-confirmed cases reported to the state, most usually from health care centers and clinics. They do not represent test results from at-home tests.

The May 26 report shows all three new cases in the Belgrade zip code. The Brooten zip code dropped from one new case last week to none this week. Elrosa continues to report no new cases from the 56325 zip code.

The May 12 report has all three new cases originating in the Belgrade 56312 zip code area, with none in Brooten 56316 or the city proper of Elrosa 56325. The May 5 report had one case from Belgrade, two from Brooten and none in Elrosa.

Below is a five-minute video giving a quick presentation on the subject of "monkeypox" ...which the media has been incessantly drilling into our heads lately. Here's unvarnished information on the topic from Dr. John Campbell of the United Kingdom.


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