Hitler parody (VIDEO)

As an extension to the material in my newspaper column this week (June 9 issue), here's a one-minute video clip featuring a parody based on an Adolph Hitler movie Downfall. God Bless the First Amendment and our ability to make satire out of our leaders! Both at home and abroad.

Remember: as I said in my column, our leaders are sick. We can look around the U.S. and the globe and see numerous leaders who are simply deranged. We can look to the north to Canada to see the demented man called Justin Trudeau. Their sick behavior has been on full display for the past two years and continues to this day. One thing is for sure: Boris Johnson's "party" antics during the COVID lockdowns were beyond the pale. He is a very sick man, along with every other government official in the United Kingdom who partied like it was 1999 throughout the pandemic.


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