U.S. "experts" consistently fail and/or drop the ball (OPINION)

It's become a broken record in the United States. Over and over we see self-described "experts" fail us in the area of health and wellness. The latest antics come from the "American Society for Nutrition" who suggested that "more research is needed" to determine the link between children having poor health outcomes due to eating unhealthy foods.


As outlined in the video below by Dr. Suneel Dhand, this is an insanely stupid thing to say. Who in their right mind doubts that eating junk food can lead to poor health outcomes for children? We have a runaway metabolic health crisis in America across all age spectrums. It's become chronic in children, who increasingly live a sedentary (sitting in one place) lifestyle. Childhood obesity rates have tripled in the past 30 years. TRIPLED! Let that sink in for a moment.


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